Jay Cermak Bio

Jay Cermak is the Director of Tech Innovation for The Waxman Group with Keller Williams in the South Florida Region.  Empowering the leadership and agents around our new technology in our Aventura, Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale Market Centers.  Jay first got his Real Estate License in 2010 and joined Keller Williams in 2013!  Through his various opportunities Jay started right away as a Technology Ambassador and was honored as the KW Culture Award recipient in 2014.  Jay was a founding member of Keller Williams Young Professionals South Florida in 2015 and Chapter-Vice President in 2016. Since then Jay has entered leadership starting as Agent Services in 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, 2017 in Indianapolis, and in 2018 Jay was a Team Leader in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a launching market center, ending 2018 in the Top 20 of all team leaders in Keller Williams for Gross Net.  In 2018 Jay helped launching Keller Williams Young Professionals Indy Chapter. In 2019 Jay created the role of Director of Tech Innovation with Alan Waxman for the Waxman Group.

Jay brings a unique perspective as both agent and leadership and technology enthusiast for years.  He’s in the Labs Advisor group, which are 40 agents/leaders who work directly with the KWRI team to be the voice of the agents and involved in the LABS process at a high level.  You may recognize Jay from his KW Connect Channel or his YouTube Channel where in 2019 he produced over 350 Videos on using KW Command, Kelle, Consumer App, Leadership and Recruiting Videos with over 4,900 hours of watched content last year.  Jay’s been featured in break out panels at Family Reunion in 2019, on the mainstage at MegaCamp 2019 with Jason Abrams, Josh Team and a panel of amazing rockstars about Designs in our Command System.  He recently presented at Family Reunion 2020 on a panel around Command your Marketing with an amazing group of leaders.

Jay prides himself on being a student of Keller Williams and pushing himself to learn and grow every day.  His passion is around helping others navigate the models and systems as well as helping everyone use our new platform Command and help agents use all the systems, models and technology to provide the consumer experience.  While also helping the market center leadership team and leaders around the country to be knowledgeable and resourceful around all the technology changes to provide our agents with the best experience in the market centers.

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