James Farren Bio

James joined his wife Rachel in real estate and formed The Farren Group in 2013.  By utilizing his marketing background from Purdue University and his professional experience in sales, The Farren Group quickly became one of the top performing teams in metro Atlanta.  In the past 4 years, The Farren Group has consistently grown and is on target to close $25 million in production in 2017. James feels that the best way to grow any business is to start with a servant leader mentality and reinforce that approach with constant education.  By serving others well and consistently utilizing the KW models, The Farren Group averages around 87% of their business from referrals.  As head of the ALC in an ever-evolving world of real estate, James feels that it is critical to stay on top of the current trends and proven best practices to perform at a high level and serve not only those in his market center, but also as many people as he can in his community.  James truly believes that by serving others well, he and his family will always find happiness and success.

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