Handling Objections Powerfully and Closing with Ease

Created by, BOLD and MAPS coach, Jackie Kravitz, this class will equip agents for making the most of their leads by teaching them to field common objections.
Students will learn:
  • How to lead generate for sellers and have a business by design.
  • Who to contact, when and how.
  • Objections versus conditions. Why do we get objections? How to avoid them?
  • 5 steps to handling objections over the phone and in person.
  • The importance of pre-qualifying all of your appointments.
  • Leading them to take action.
  • Pushy versus aggressive
  • Delivering a powerful Listing Presentation
  • Closing for the signature at the appointment.
In class, agents will engage in live role-play of some of the toughest objections, including the following:
  • “I have a friend/relative in Real Estate or I’ve already chosen an agent.”
  • The commission objection, both over the phone and in person
  • “I want to think it over.”
Students are encouraged to bring a list of the objections that they would like to learn handlers for and then spend the last class hour role-playing them.