KW Command – Technology Workshop Modules

*** Please note that these classes are capped at 30 attendees so that Xavier can support hands-on learning and set-up ***

Module 1: Set up for Success – Contacts/Database

In this workshop, agents will learn the basics of KW Command as the new platform to run their business. It all starts with our contacts as we all know: our database is our business.

  • Import your existing database

  • Manually add a contact

  • Add a contact via Kelle

  • Log an interaction/notes

  • Create tags, filters, smart views

Module 2: Prep to Get Paid – Opportunities/Pipeline

In this workshop, agents will learn how to utilize the Opportunities section of KW Command to manage their pipeline of business, from scheduling the initial appointment all the way to closing.

  • Calculate CGI probabilities in pipeline

  • Edit stages of the process relevant to your business

  • Generate an offer comparison/net sheet

  • Enter commission details and track capping progress

  • Create/view checklists for documents and compliance

Module 3: Leverage SketchHouse – Designs/Templates

In this workshop, agents will leverage the SketchHouse section of KW Command to create engaging, visual marketing pieces.

  • Browse the KW Sketchbook library

  • Edit designs from scratch or templates

  • Create personally branded marketing materials

  • Incorporate Kelle snaps and local insights

  • Build custom landing pages

Module 4: Launch Your Lead Gen – Smart Plans

In this workshop, agents will learn how to automate their functionary activities, action plans, and checklists to create digital leverage with the Smart Plans section of KW Command.

  • Launch your lead generation strategy

  • Automate communication with your database

  • Go beyond traditional marketing campaigns

  • View and use Smart Plans from top agents/teams

  • Learn the building blocks to create a new Smart Plan


FES Course Evaluation:   Please ask class attendees to fill out our FES Instructor Evaluation online after the class.