Dagoberto Castillo

Headshot- Dagoberto Castillo - from KW Site - 17-04-26Within 2 years from moving to the United States from Colombia, I started investing in real estate funding the acquisitions with both personal funds and funds provided by friends and relatives, specializing in purchasing foreclosure properties being auctioned at the Broward County Courthouse, fixing them, and then reselling them for a profit.

During the next 2 years I continued buying foreclosure properties and got heavily involved investing in preconstruction properties. As a result of that, my real estate investing income exceeded the income I was earning in the import/export industry which encouraged me to obtain my real estate license and choose real estate as my full time career.

Along with my real estate license I also obtained a mortgage broker license and I experienced great success doing both activities over the next 5 years. During 3 of those 5 years I partnered up with a general contractor to build single family homes in Port St Lucie, FL adding experience in real estate development to my real estate background.

When the real estate market collapsed in Florida at the end of 2007 I shifted back to doing to what I was doing when I started in this business back in 2003, this time buying foreclosure properties being auctioned at the St Lucie County Courthouse for fix and flip, and I became proficient in doing short sales. Together, those activities allowed me to experience great success during those tough times and empowered me to launch my own real estate firm in Port St Lucie, FL in 2010.

Two years later I was introduced to Keller Williams Realty and brought my team to the Stuart Market Center where I learned Keller Williams systems and models and started implementing them in my business. During my second year with KW I was invited to become part of the ALC, started teaching in the Market Center, and attending all Regional Leadership Meetings in South Florida.

A year later I became part of the Leadership Team at KW Miami NE where I launched its Productivity Coaching Program and grew it to 108 associates in two and a half years. These associates took the company dollar derived from productivity coaching to a record of 41% of total company dollar (average 24%). On my last year as Productivity Coach the Market Center had a year-over-year increase in company dollar derived from productivity coaching of 220%.

On January 1st 2016 I became Team Leader at KW Miami NE and during the first 6 months year grossed 89 associates, net 48 (in just 6 months we netted 3 more agents than what was this Market Center’s best year ever), positioned ourselves as #2 Market Center in the Region in Net Agent Gain (#4 in Gross Agent Gain), YTD Company Dollar was up 23.2%, YTD owner’s profit was up 46.6%, and YTD profit share up 54.1%.

Keller Williams Realty is a training, coaching, and consulting company that happens to be in the business of real estate. As an industry leader and as a member of a Keller Williams Market Centers leadership team it is my responsibility to embrace who Keller Williams is by committing to provide outstanding training and coaching to my existing associates, while attracting agents from competing real estate firms as well as those entering the industry.

My performance as Team Leader and my effectiveness in helping the Market Center achieve its goals is determined by my ability to influence my existing and prospective associates.  Our objective is learning and implementing the systems, models, and strategies presented throughout the different curricula offered at KWU.  Having my team understand and utilize the tools necessary for them to achieve at a high level while treating their real estate career as a business and embracing leverage when appropriate is my priority.

Over and over again I have found that I have reached the highest understanding of the concepts presented in the curricula as well as their implementation when I commit to teach it.  By having that level of clarity I have enabled myself to effectively coach and consult my existing and prospecting associates on those topics. It gives me the confidence I need so that I can have an intelligent business conversation with agents at all production levels and it expands my foundation which ultimately makes me valid.

Being a KWU Approved Trainer enables me to further expand the reach of my contribution to the professional development and growth of thousands of real estate professionals from around the world.  It is what fulfills my Big Why and purpose in life.