Materials – Win with Buyers

Below you’ll find links for the documents you’ll need for a successful Win with Buyers class.  Students will not need computers, only the manual.

  1. Class Needs:  Download the one for your instructor and READ IT FIRST
  2. Your Countdown for Success
  3. Win with Buyers Class Flier:  Download the one for your instructor and edit the date, RSVP and location info.
  4. Win with Buyers Student Guide:  Print in-house or send out, whichever works best for you. We recommend you print double-sided and put the materials in a binder for everyone.

Please share your feedback about classes and Instructors in the KWU Evaluation form here: All of our classes are “Market Center” Events for Question 1 and if you do not see the class you took, or the instructor, you may choose “Instructor/Course Not in Drop-Down” and fill in the information in the space provided.