FES Digital Subscription Service

Moving World-Class Real Estate Training into the Future with Digital Classes

FES is looking to bring more value to the market centers during this challenging time. We want to provide more offerings for agents of differing skill levels, as well as events to invite recruits to. We will be doing 4 digital classes per month (1 per week) and Holly will be selecting the classes based on your input and the needs of the Region at the moment. These 2-3 hour classes will be open to all Market Centers who participate in the program (and their recruits) and will be taught by top FES Instructors as well as top Instructors from around the country.  You will be notified of these classes at least 4 weeks prior to the date and we will provide a monthly calendar in advance so you will be able to talk about that week’s class in your morning ZOOM or team meetings.

In addition to the Digital Subscription, we have an option to add 4 in-person classes for the year. These classes will be chosen by the Market Center and delivered by our FES instructors who are willing to deliver in-person classes.  A list of in-person classes is available here.

  • 4 FES digital classes per month.
  • Flat $400.00 per month fee for the Digital Subscription.
  • Flat $600.00 per month fee for the Digital Subscription + 2 in-Person classes.
  • Flat $650.00 per month fee for the Digital Subscription + 4 in-Person classes.
  • Education calendar available a month in advance.

If you would like to sign up for this service, please contact us at fes@floridaeducationalservices.com. If you would like to pay a small fee to attend individual classes, please register on the class details page and we will send you an Eventbrite link.

Courses Offered

We offer KWU courses as well as courses written by our instructors.


We have the best-in-class instructors delivering top content that will help you grow personally while growing your business.

Class Materials

Everything you need to prepare for an amazing learning experience.

“Great energy and material. Agents will put those tools into practice right away. She also supported agents with Kelle at the beginning and she did a video to help promote the class before hand on Facebook.”

Robert Carbuccia, TL Ft. Lauderdale, Win With Sellers with Melissa De Maria

“Incredible coach. As a retired CPA he makes math fun & enrolls others in liking it. I am excited to learn more about finances now. I love 💕 that he is genuine transparent and a kind connector. Michael comes from a place of contribution and allowing us to not feel overwhelmed. Find your next. Do not allow overwhelm to get you stuck.”

Attendee, Agent in Palm Beaches, – Profitability – Agent Financials with Michael Horwitz


Florida Educational Services (FES) is committed to bringing world-class training to Keller Williams agents in Florida. FES has assembled some of the BEST KW Affiliated Instructors in Florida, hand-picked for their knowledge and passion for the classes they teach. These instructors, together with market centers across the Florida-South Region, bring their top-notch training straight to your door, giving participating market centers the benefit of turn-key scheduling of their classes for the entire year. Our goal is to provide agents and guests with the tools and inspiration to move their businesses to the next level. Here’s how easy it is: Participating market centers submit their signed contracts to FES. They will have access to four world class classes per month.  Those Market Centers who have contracted for in-person classes will select the classes they would like to book for their market center for the contract period and submit it to FES. Then, FES works with the instructors and the market centers to book all of the classes for the entire contract term. Those classes that are confirmed by both the instructor and the market center are then added to the FES calendar.

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Please reach out to us with any questions about our program.

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