KW Technology

Get Ahead with the latest KW technology!

In this workshop, agents will learn the benefits of KW Command and how to use it as the new platform to run their business.  Our instructors will review the latest KW technology as well as help agents with the first steps of setting it up.  Agents will learn how to:

  • Import their existing database
  • Manually add a contact
  • Add a contact via Kelle
  • Log an interaction/notes
  • Create tags, filters, smart views 

 Please ask attendees to be prepared (with logins and passwords) to access to all KW related accounts, including Gmail, as well as all Social Media accounts, so they can be ready for the hands-on learning portion of the class.   

  2. Your Countdown for Success
  3. Class Materials:  Please print out this sheet for each attendee and make sure Agents bring their laptops and cell phones to class.  Please have pens and paper available if anyone wants to take notes.
  4. Class Flier – you will need to edit the date, RSVP and location info.
  5. FES Class Sign-In Sheet: email to after the class
  6. FES Course Evaluation:   Please ask class attendees to fill out our FES Instructor Evaluation online after the class.