Materials – Success Through Leverage

  1. Countdown to Success – read this first.
  2. Instructor needs:  White Board or Flip chart and markers. Please also have a computer and a screen projector set up – Rae will bring her presentation on a thumb drive. Please provide a stool at the front of the room if possible as well.
  3. In-Person Student Manual – please print one for each student.
  4. Virtual Student Manual – please send this manual to students via email before the class.
  5. Class Flyer – Success Through Leverage – Rae Wayne – be sure to edit the date, time, location and RSVP information.
  6. Success Through Leverage Promotional Video – please use this video to promote the class!
  7. FES Sign In Sheet – please have your agents and guests sign in.  Email this form to after the class.