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Jose Fernandez Bio

Jose is a native of Puerto Rico and chose South Florida for his home because of the wonderful year-round weather, tropical sites as in his home island, nightlife, cultural events and the melting pot of people; he fits right in.

His love of people and customer service propelled him to earn a Masters Degree from Florida International University’s School of Hospitality Management.  After that, he enjoyed years serving travelers by making feel comfortable in their host city. Now, having been a Realtor for over thirteen years, Jose holds memberships in the Miami Association of Realtors, Florida Association of Realtors, and National Association of Realtors and is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Puerto Rico. Finding people just the right home is where he excels, which brings him much happiness and satisfaction.

Jose is a Graduate of Seniors Real Estate Institute and became the first Certified Senior Housing Professionals in Miami while holding several real estate related designations:  CIPS, CLHMS, CRS, EPRO, CSHP and TRC.  Fluent in both English and Spanish, Jose’s commitment is to provide personalized service and exceed customer satisfaction and expectations. He is passionate about serving others and leaving a legacy.

While he is involved in several charities locally, nationally and internationally, in 2016 Jose was awarded the 2016 Humanitarian of the Year for the Florida Realtors® Association.

Classes Taught

FES Class Feedback

“Agents were amazed by this class an the instructor. It was a awesome class.” – Daisy Jaime, TL Weston, The ONE Thing with Jose Fernandez

Jackie Ellis Bio

Jackie Ellis has been successfully selling real estate in Palm Beach County for over 25 years. She has built an incredible real estate team and they continue to be one of the top producing teams in all of Florida. Jackie’s joy for sharing with other real estate agents shines through the minute her sought after training classes begin. Jackie is also sought after to help develop systems and write easy to learn, yet powerful scripts and presentations. Jackie’s impact on real estate agents speaks for itself. She is dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate about the real estate industry and what it can do for our lives.  Jackie is also the Operating Partner of 2 market centers in South Florida: Boca Raton and Boynton Beach.

Classes Taught

Melissa DeMaria Bio

A resident of the Tampa Bay Area for over 35 years, Melissa De Maria has been selling real estate since 2004 when she started with Keller Williams Tampa Properties.  A single agent, by design, she averages $9-12M in volume annually with just under $11M in volume and $281,000 GCI in 2021.  Melissa and her husband are active real estate investors in the Tampa Bay market.  She enjoys helping people with their primary home purchases and sales, but she gets particularly excited about assisting and teaching investors and realtors how to invest in real estate to build financial wealth. Melissa was #5 in her market center of 400+ agents in volume and GCI in 2021.  She is a current ALC member, South Florida Region ALC member and the South Florida Regions IALC member and is a member of KW Luxury.

While serving on her first ALC in 2007, she discovered her passion for teaching.  As an instructor for FES, CES and CHATT she looks forward to bringing her knowledge and experience to market centers via classes designed to take agents’ businesses to the next level. Melissa is a talented agent who really enjoys her business, but her first love is her family.  She is the proud parent of 2 beautiful daughters, a wonderful son in law and 2 grandchildren.  She has been married to her husband Chris for 35 years.

Classes Taught

Feedback From FES Class Attendees

“Great energy and material. Agents will put those tools into practice right away. She also supported agents with Kelle at the beginning and she did a video to help promote the class before hand on Facebook.” – Robert Carbuccia, TL Ft. Lauderdale, Win With Sellers with Melissa De Maria

Denise Chambre Bio

As a Real Estate Agent, we have the tools at our disposal to make knowledgeable decisions about investing in real estate.   We also have a network including great lenders and vendors that can assist us achieve our goals.  So, what are we waiting for?  Denise believes Realtors should buy more investment property to create wealth for themselves, in addition to being able to talk the lingo and understand the numbers with their investor-clients.

Denise practices what she preaches – at 23 she purchased her first condo on Myrtle Beach and currently owns rental property on Fort Myers Beach and in Beverly MA.   She has helped hundreds of her clients flip properties and purchase rental properties including single family, condos, duplexes/tris/quads, multifamily apartments, bed-and-breakfast inns and hotels.

In the Millionaire Real Estate Investor (MREI) class you will learn proven models and strategies that millionaire investors use to track their net worth, understand their finances, build their network, lead-generate for properties and acquire them.  Denise walks participants through the step by step process of creating wealth through property investments, including “the numbers”, understanding property management, VRBO/Airbnb, buy vs hold, and where to get the down payment – this is an informative class whether you are purchasing your first flip or your 100th rental!  Or if you just want to attract more investors as clients.

Denise is an investor in the Keller Williams Fort Myers and the Islands Market Center.  Since joining KW in 2015, Denise attends BOLD 1-2 times per year and has diligently studied and implemented the MREA models and systems.  As a result, she and has gone from an $8million agent to a $25million agent (and counting) – as every time she reads the MREA, or goes to a Mastermind, or attends training, or listens to her coach, or teaches,….she uncovers more nuggets to keep improving.

Denise loves to teach the models in both the MREI and the MREA Business Planning class – you will leave theses classes with a road map to success in your Real Estate business and in your Real Estate Investments – whether you are looking to net $100,000 or $1million!

Denise earned an MBA from the University of Louisville and an Industrial Engineering Degree from Northeastern University.   She is appointed by the Lee County Civil Court as a Real Estate Special Magistrate and provides expert testimony on real estate transactions.  Denise comes from a family of real estate investors.  Before making Real Estate a career, she spent time in corporate America working for a Fortune 50 company and owned/managed a consulting and training company based in Hong Kong, where she lived for 10 years.  Denise has traveled extensively around the world.  She enjoys sailing, walking our beautiful Florida beaches, and being an Eagle-scout mom and a hockey-mom (yes- there are lots of ice rinks in Florida)!  She looks forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve wealth through your Real Estate Business and Real Estate Investments.

Classes Taught

Pedro Casanova Bio

Pedro Casanova started in real estate in 2003 as a lender, in 2008 Pedro decided to shift his career to the real estate agent side of the business. Pedro joined Keller Williams in 2013 and started The KREN Group in 2015. Year after year Pedro and his team have been among top performers, in 2018 and 2019 they were #1 listing team and #2 in GCI for their market center and currently in the top 1% in closed volume in South Florida amongst all agents.  A true KW ambassador, Pedro was selected as a 2019 culture ambassador for the region.  Pedro has served on the ALC for his market center for 6 years, is a KW approved market center instructor, and his passion for training shows, he has been recognized as the trainer of the year in this market center 3 times.  His proudest acknowledgement is that he has been a top KW Cares contributor for his market center for the past 4 years and is passionate about what Keller Williams giving culture.

Classes Taught:

Jay Cermak Bio

Jay Cermak is the Director of Tech Innovation for The Waxman Group with Keller Williams in the South Florida Region.  Empowering the leadership and agents around our new technology in our Aventura, Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale Market Centers.  Jay first got his Real Estate License in 2010 and joined Keller Williams in 2013!  Through his various opportunities Jay started right away as a Technology Ambassador and was honored as the KW Culture Award recipient in 2014.  Jay was a founding member of Keller Williams Young Professionals South Florida in 2015 and Chapter-Vice President in 2016. Since then Jay has entered leadership starting as Agent Services in 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, 2017 in Indianapolis, and in 2018 Jay was a Team Leader in Fort Wayne, Indiana for a launching market center, ending 2018 in the Top 20 of all team leaders in Keller Williams for Gross Net.  In 2018 Jay helped launching Keller Williams Young Professionals Indy Chapter. In 2019 Jay created the role of Director of Tech Innovation with Alan Waxman for the Waxman Group.

Jay brings a unique perspective as both agent and leadership and technology enthusiast for years.  He’s in the Labs Advisor group, which are 40 agents/leaders who work directly with the KWRI team to be the voice of the agents and involved in the LABS process at a high level.  You may recognize Jay from his KW Connect Channel or his YouTube Channel where in 2019 he produced over 350 Videos on using KW Command, Kelle, Consumer App, Leadership and Recruiting Videos with over 4,900 hours of watched content last year.  Jay’s been featured in break out panels at Family Reunion in 2019, on the mainstage at MegaCamp 2019 with Jason Abrams, Josh Team and a panel of amazing rockstars about Designs in our Command System.  He recently presented at Family Reunion 2020 on a panel around Command your Marketing with an amazing group of leaders.

Jay prides himself on being a student of Keller Williams and pushing himself to learn and grow every day.  His passion is around helping others navigate the models and systems as well as helping everyone use our new platform Command and help agents use all the systems, models and technology to provide the consumer experience.  While also helping the market center leadership team and leaders around the country to be knowledgeable and resourceful around all the technology changes to provide our agents with the best experience in the market centers.

Classes taught

Michael Burke Bio

Back in 2009, I discovered Gary Keller’s Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA) book, which I’d had in my closet for at least a year and never opened. At that time, I was producing about $8M at my previous brokerage and was given the opportunity to mentor other agents.  I had no idea what I was going to share with them.

I dusted off the book, started to read and was amazed by what I found… a playbook—a plan delineating specifically what should be done every day in my business. Also, I noticed that the book had strategies and a plan no matter where I was with my business. From then on I used the MREA book with all the agents I mentored. Unfortunately, back then I was at a stage in my business where I could not break through to the next level. 

Also, during this time, I was being actively recruited by Keller Williams.  They were speaking a language, which I then understood from the MREA book. Then I had the opportunity to go to Mega Camp in 2009, prior to joining KW. From the moment I walked on to the conference floor, I knew I had to be part of this great company. From the top down, KW had one plan, one vision, and shared all their systems and tools with whomever would listen and want to implement them.  I wanted these systems and tools!!!

In December of 2009 I joined Keller Williams and was still trying to conduct business my old way.  As a result of my participation in BOLD in 2010 my business doubled. Then, a light bulb went off. I realized I needed to quit trying to reinvent the wheel and just work the systems, tools, and plans provided. I knew I could not reach my goals alone and needed to ask for help from the people who have been there before me. 

At the end of BOLD in 2010 I joined MAPS Coaching and have been with them since. Once again, KW has all the systems, tools, and people in place. Recently I completed my 9th BOLD session and continue to grow my Team and work on expansion through leads, listings and leverage. Success is simple, NOT EASY (BOLD LAW)—just follow a system.

I was honored to be on stage with Gary Keller at Mega Camp (Sept 2012) and have a goal to get there again!

Classes Taught

Jeff Borham Bio

Jeff Borham grew up in the Palm Harbor area and started his real estate career in 2005.  Since then, he has built one of the fastest growing real estate teams at Keller Williams in the Tampa Bay region.  He has worked in all aspects of the business, from new construction and condo conversion to representing buyers, sellers, and investors, in both the residential and commercial market. A family man, Jeff is devoted to his amazing wife Somer and their son Ryder.  An athlete dating back to high school, Jeff enjoys challenging himself daily at CrossFit and all of the outdoor adventures that Tampa Bay has to offer. Having been trained and mentored under world class coaches (and currently does), Jeff has begun taking others under his wing to help them achieve their goals.  He epitomizes energy and knowledge and has an unyielding passion for expansion and creating a legacy into which he can one day bring his son.

Classes taught:

  1. MREA: Business Planning
  2. MREA: The 24 Topics
  3. SHIFT
  4. Win with Sellers


Jeff was awesome & knowledgeable.  I learned a lot from his class.” – Attendee, Coral Gables, MREA: The 24 Topics

Chris Bessette Bio

Chris Bessette, owner of the Pinnacle Homes Group has been in Real Estate since 2007.  Since 2014 the Group has closed 110+ units for over $33M in volume every year. In 2017 they closed 220 units for just over $57M in volume and $1,575,000 in GCI.  2019 was a transition year as Chris separated from a business partner and got very focused on profit and learned a lot of lessons. 

Chris is passionate about the MREA models (specifically Lead Generation & the 6 Personal Perspectives) and will share how implementing these into his business has assisted his team with their current success and how implementing them into your business will create MASSIVE growth! 

Originally from Omaha, NE Chris relocated to Orlando in 2001 after graduating from University of Nebraska-Lincoln by way of the Disney College Program.  He quickly met his wife Emily, and together they have two boys, Alexander, & Lucas.  Outside of work Chris enjoys spending time with family & friends, traveling, and playing golf.

Classes Taught