This is what our market centers, instructors and agents have to say about us. 

29% of our business has an agent referral attached to it (thanks to FES), 37% of our business is Repeat and Referral from SOI.

Jake Yencarelli, FES Instructor & Owner/CEO at The Yencarelli Group at Keller Williams Realty


It’s an absolutely effective program.  We have almost ALL of our Market Centers in the system.  We have grown great rainmakers as well as team leaders through the program.  It is something you should absolutely do, without hesitation. 

Howard Weinstein, FES Instructor & Area Director of the Florida-South Region


From an instructor’s point of view, [FES] makes you a much better agent. The course material sharpens the saw in areas where you might not be as proficient. In my case, the database material is helping me to upgrade my database.  Beyond that, it is an incredible opportunity to build your referral network within the state. I have begun sending many referrals to the students that are in my class and I anticipate that I will receive referrals as well. 

Jason Smith, FES Instructor & Agent at Coral Gables-Coconut Grove

FES has been a great opportunity in my life and in my business. As an instructor of The One Thing, I have been able to grow in all 7 keys areas of my life. Personally, I have grown in character, confidence and I have become a better public speaker and a better human being. Professionally, I have gotten referrals and I have built meaningful relationships with other professionals throughout the state of Florida. Most important to me have been the many testimonials I have received from people who have sat in The One Thing class and how it has impacted their lives, their families and their businesses in less than 8 hours. I am forever grateful to Holly Prescott and her team for the opportunity to be a FES instructor which allow me the chance to fulfill KW’s mission to build careers worth having, business worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving and legacies worth leaving.

Jose Fernandez, FES Instructor & Agent at KW Miami Beach


The benefits of having FES in our market center are plentiful. First, it’s education for all level agents. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in business for decades, there is always something new to learn. Also, the teachers always bring new material every year. With the changes in our industry with technology and the market, they do a great job of teaching the material according to the moment. Aside from agent growth within the office, it has been a phenomenal recruiting tool. We invite all of the recruits we have met with to get a taste of what Keller Williams is about through the FES courses, and they consistently give us the same feedback, “Wow, that was amazing!” And allows us the opportunity for the follow up appointment to close them on becoming part of the family!

Rolando Ramirez, Team Leader – Miami NE