Florida Educational Services

Mastering the Market of the Moment – How to Find “Right Now” Buyers and Sellers

Scott shares the idea behind this class on September 20th!

Creative Lead Generation & How to Hold Your Money Accountable

Anna shares how excited she is to be with us on Tuesday, September 13th!

Win-Win Negotiations

Chris tells us what his Win-Win Negotiations is all about… especially on how to get more NOES turn into more YESSES!

MREA: 24 Topics

Bryan invites us to join his class on August 9!

Selling the Distressed Property

Join Dolores as she walks us through the unique challenges and process for selling distressed property in today’s market!

Win with Sellers

Win with Sellers with Jordan Reed on July 21!

Six Scripts That Changed My Career

Join Chris Hurley, “the Script Jedi” as he goes thru the six scripts that have changed his career!

The Mindset of Luxury

James brings How to Leverage your Success on May 26!

Wealth Building 101 with Bob Kilinski

Don’t miss Southeast Region Owner and OP Bob Kilinski as he shares the path to true wealth!

Customer Experience with Jordas Reyes

Jordas shares how to truly WOW your clients in today’s market on the FES Digital Platform April 14!