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Join us in October for the Business Planning Clinic “Breakdown”!

Jennie explains how we are breaking down the Business Planning Clinic into bite sized pieces so that you can utilize the entire month to create a great plan for 2022!

36 Touch Workshop with Lesley & Andy Peters!

Lesley and Andy Peters share what great tips and tricks you will learn from their workshop to build the very best 36 Touch program for your business in 2022!

Tuesday, October 5 at 1pm EST

Leadership Unlocked with Howard Weinstein coming soon to FES!

Don’t miss this amazing class on the FES Digital Platform to harness your leadership skills to take you further than you could imagine!

Thursday, September 9th at 1pm EST!

Don’t miss “The Mindset of Luxury” with James Torrance this week on the FES Digital Platform!

James shares with us what you can expect from his exciting new course this week around the mindset of a luxury agent!

Join us via Zoom on Thursday, September 2nd at 1pm EST!

Join us to Master the Market of the Moment Leveraging Keller Williams Technology with John Morris

Join John Morris to go beyond the “how-to” of Command and truly become the local market expert!

Join us on Thursday, August 12 at 1pm EST for this great class brought to you by FES!

Handle Objections and Close Like a MEGA Agent!

Learn the best tricks in the book for handling objections and closing like a MEGA Agent with Jackie Kravitz!

Join us Wednesday, July 14 at 1pm EST via Zoom as Jackie shares the art of handling objections to list and sell more homes!

Personalize Your Presentation with DISC



Please help FES welcome Jennie Moshure to our program

Please take a few minutes to watch this special announcement from Holly Prescott about exciting changes at FES!

Manage Your Time, Improve Your Life with Holly Prescott

Holly talks about WHY we ALL need this class and what you will learn to increase the quality of your life

Join Holly Wednesday, July 7, 2021

at 1:00 PM EST

Learn to work smarter using the 4-1-1 Action Goal System

Manage your time and maximize your productivity by focusing your energy on the activities that really matter to your business. Time blocking, productivity tactics and the 411 Action Goal System will help you operate with a targeted purpose. You’ll learn to work smarter, not harder, toward annual, monthly and weekly goals.

To create the work-life balance we all strive to achieve, look to Time Management with the 411. This course prioritizes the systems and tools you need to accomplish more in the time you work, rather than spending more time working.


* Learn to focus on the 20 percent and operate with purpose.
* Effectively set goals and establish accountability.
* Create a 411 Action Goal Sheet to help define goals and manage activities.
* Implement the 411 with the aid of productivity tactics such as time blocking


Jose Fernandez talks about how The ONE Thing will change your life

PART 1 – Jun 24, 2021 10:00 AM
PART 2 – Jun 25, 2021 10:00 AM

The ONE Thing workshop drives you to discover hidden goals, tap wasted time and keep you on the path to reaching your big goals. If you’re ready to put your ONE thing to work for you, join us for The ONE Thing Full-Day Workshop and empower your focus and planning while practicing the skills to:

– Discover your ONE Thing
– Find the power of going small
– Combat the 6 Lies that hold us back
– Get on the path to productivity and stay there
– Become accountable to yourself
– Apply the One Thing to each aspect of your life
– Stack your goals and climb to success
– Maximize productivity and time management
– Become purposeful in all that you do
– Discover your BIG WHY

Take back the time and productivity that is stolen from you every day.

*** Participants will need a copy of The ONE Thing book for this class ***