Adrian Sabatino

Adrian was born and raised in Warrington, PA. He grew up studying the home building business as his father was an architect and his mother was a builder. He watched his father create many land deals and building projects. His summers were spent working on his father’s real estate projects up until he went to college at West Virginia University and graduated in 1997. He got his real estate license in 1999 and started his own real estate company in 2001. He began flipping homes for profit in 2002 and has since flipped almost 90 homes with his own funds. He has also assisted many customers with building wealth through flipping homes. He started the Coaching Program at Keller Williams Realty Naples in 2017 and quickly grew the profit from the program to 30% of market center company dollar within 1 year. Adrian stepped into the KW Naples Operating Principle position in 2018 following Janet Faulk’s leadership. Adrian’s primary factors in choosing Keller Williams is due to their belief system which is God first, family next, then business. Adrian is passionate about giving back and helping others. He is the oldest of his siblings. He has two sisters that are twins and a brother. His immediate family members all live in SW Florida. Adrian is married to Priscilla since December 2008 and has 2 boys; Ayden who is 10 years old and Dylan who is 8 years old. Adrian and Priscilla attend Naples Church and actively serve there each week.  Adrian has been on two mission trips in the last year. He is on the board of directors for School of Grace Ministries, Haiti, a non profit organization which builds schools and encourages education.