with Adrian Sabatino

Learn how to find, fix and sell houses for profit!

Using the FLIP book as the class guide, it is the third book to be released in the best-selling Millionaire Real Estate Series and provides a step-by-step guide to successfully finding, fixing and selling investment properties.

At the heart of FLIP is a proven five-stage model that really works in any market:
1. FIND: Select ideal neighborhoods, search for houses and attract sellers.
2. ANALYZE: Identify the improvements, and analyze the profit potential.
3. BUY: Arrange financing, present the offer and close on the purchase.
4. FIX: Develop and execute an improvement plan on time and in budget.
5. SELL: Add finishing touches to quickly sell for maximum profit.

Adrian will bring in real life examples of FLIPS he has done using before & after pictures and profit and loss statements.  He will share all of the tips, tricks and mistakes he has encountered through his experiences.

All attendees should bring a copy of the book FLIP by Rick Villani and Clay Davis to class with them, as well as scratch paper, highlighters and tabs to mark pages in the book.  We recommend having copies of the book for sale in the Market Center the day of class which can be purchased here: https://www.kellerink.com/books/flip/.