Internet Lead Generation

This full-day class covers the following materials:

  1. Your Online Marketing Strategy
  2. Your Social Media Business Strategy

If all eyes are on the Internet, it is undoubtedly where you want to be too. This course is all about getting in the path of millions of real estate consumers online – how to attract them, capture them and convert them to buyers and sellers under contract.  Also, since social media is here to stay, you can learn how to maximize its potential for business by constructing a smart social media strategy that is specific to your real estate niche, sphere or farm!

  • Create and maintain an Internet presence.
  • Create a lead generation campaign.
  • Capture, connect, convert and cultivate your online leads.
  • Develop a simple and effective work plan to reach your goals
  • Choose your social media tools.
  • Build your social media brand.
  • Create a lead generation campaign.
  • Customize your lead generation, consultation and servicing materials to match your style, personality and strengths.
  • Capture, connect, close and cultivate your social media leads.

Access Course Materials Here: