Materials – Intro to Listing & Selling Luxury Properties

Click the links below to download the materials you will need for your Intro to Listing & Selling Luxury Homes class.  The training room must have a high speed, wireless internet connection and a projector for the Instructor’s presentation.

  1. Your Countdown for Success
  2. Intro to Listing & Selling Luxury Properties Flyer-Scott Taylor: You will need to edit the date, RSVP and location info. Download the flyer and open in Adobe, use the Fill & Sign to edit the fields.
  3. Intro to Listing & Selling Luxury Properties Class Notes:  Make one copy of each document for every attendee.
  4. FES Class Sign In Sheet:  Send to after class.
  5. FES Course Evaluation:   Please ask class attendees to fill out our FES Instructor Evaluation online after the class.


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