Materials – Presentation is Everything

Materials – Presentation is Everything

In this session we will review the preparation needed for an amazing buyer consultation and then develop a presentation that will help you sell more in less time. We will then dig deep into preparing for the perfect listing presentation, review in Command where to find the KW templates for listings, and then assist you in building your own listing presentation to maximize your ability to close for the listing agreement.

In this course you will learn:

* The best practices of top agents.
* How to Master the Buyer Consultation
* How to Master the Listing Consultation
* How to get on the Path of Mastery

Click the links below to download the documents you’ll need for the upcoming Presentation is Everything class in your market center.

  1. Presentation is Everything – CLASS NEEDS:  READ THIS FIRST
  2. Your Countdown for Success
  3. Class Materials:  Make one copy of each document for every participant.
  4. Class Flier – you will need to edit the date, RSVP and location info.
  5. FES Class Sign-In Sheet: email to after the class
  6. FES Course Evaluation:   Please ask class attendees to fill out our FES Instructor Evaluation online after the class.