Success Through Leverage

Created by longtime MAPS Mega-Agent Coach, Former Bold Coach and 7th-Level Mega-Agent RAE WAYNE from the famed “Bizzy Blondes” Team in Los Angeles… this class will help agents make the most of the strategies and structures for building a successful Real Estate Team… all the way to the 7th Level if they so desire. 

Students will learn: 

  • What does each level of MREA mean… why it’s important… and how to get there
  •  Lessons on leadership…  we cannot build a strong and lasting business if people will not follow us
  • Tricks, tips and lessons learned about hiring and managing others
  • Compensation models  —  how do we pay a Buyer’s Agent, Showing Agent, ISA/OSA, Listing Specialist, etc. 
  • PROFITABILITY   —   too many agents have big unit count, huge sales volume and impressive GCI… yet they’re not making enough money!
  • Value Proposition of a Leader and a Team  —  HOW will talent be attracted to you?  And WHY will they stay with you? 
  • Standards and Expectations  —  How do we set them?  How do we motivate people to adhere to them? 
  • Special session on the art of BRANDING  —  How do we build a BRAND, without Breaking our Bank Account?
  • Partnerships  —  Division of duties, responsibilities, and the money… (Rae Wayne and Judy Sheller had one of the most successful and long term real estate partnerships in realtor history, considering they are not spouses or family members)
  • The Path to the 7th Level   —   Build a business and a brand that will sustain itself without your presence  (i.e., how to create a passive income stream)  *** What’s your Exit Strategy ***

PLEASE NOTE:  This class has something for everybody.  We ALL benefit from various types of Leverage, whether leading a large team or working as a solo agent. 

This class is EXCELLENT FOR RECRUITING.   Rae will talk about why she moved her team from Re/Max in 2001 and joined KW.  What it was like having Gary Keller as a personal coach.  And how the systems and models of our fabulous company changed her career… and her life!


Rae Wayne